Baby Thermometer

Baby Thermometer


With our highly reliable thermometer, you will have an accurate reading of your baby’s temperature within seconds of placing it in the ear or the forehead. Even if you have a fussy toddler who doesn’t want a machine in their face, with this instant reading thermometer, you will get the accurate temperature immediately before they even notice what is happening. Our state of the art technology will always give you the most accurate reading to ensure that your child’s temperature is at a normal level. Whether your child prefers to have their body temperature checked with the ear mode or the forehead mode, which will make it much easier for you to get the accurate temperature reading fast.

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  • 1 Year Warranty

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Baby Thermometer Features

Colored Coded Backlight

Be alerted immediately of an elevated body temperature with the Red screen backlight and 3 beeps. A normal body temperature will display a Green backlight.

Memory Recall

You can now easily keep track of your baby's health. The Biebies thermometer accurately keeps track of body temperatures with the 32 measurement log.

Baby Thermometer
Quick and Accurate Measurements

Your little one doesn't want to be bothered when they are sick, we created this thermometer to give an accurate reading in 1-2 seconds, so your little one isn't bothered.

Object and Ambient Measurements

This thermometer can be used on people and objects, easily check your baby's milk, food or bath temperature.

Baby Thermometer

Made with care for your entire family

Baby thermometer was designed to give family members the best care, it is safe to use on mom, dad and everyone of any age in the family.