Biebies Tunes

Biebies Tunes


Biebies Tunes Tiger is the most convenient sensory toy for your little one. With its built in recorder you can leave sweet messages for your baby or record their favorite bed time story. Tiny the Tiger has lights and can play fun music for a great time, or may be used as a night light and includes white noise to help your little one whine down and get ready for sleepy time. It makes the perfect play time and bed time companion!

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Baby Tune Features

Easy installation

The most convenient sensory toy for your little one, no need for batteries. Charge this musical toy only for 30 minutes and it will entertain your child for five fun hours. Customize your baby toys tunes by simply downloading your favorite music.

Customizable songs

This light up toy plays lullaby tunes that soothe your restless child and will help your baby to fall asleep all night long. Use it as a car seat and stroller toy, this educational tool comes with prerecorded sing along lullabies. Your baby will be lulled into a deep sleep with the soothing built in white noises.

Baby Tune
Glow lights and auto shut off

The glowing lights add a calming atmosphere especially for an anxious child during night time. The timer option helps you save battery time by turning off automatically after the 15, 30 or 45 minutes depending on your preference.

Compact and travel friendly

Small and easy to carry to have it ready for keeping your little one entertained while you are out and about. Bring your baby’s favorite tunes during car rides, stroller walks, trips, doctor visits, family events and many more occasions. It’s a great calming distraction.

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Portable Music Player

Biebies Tunes is the perfect travel companion for your baby. With lights and music it can feel like a party anywhere. The recording microphone feature allows you to leave sweet messages to your baby or record their favorite bed time story so you are always close by.